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NTUNHS was founded in 1954 as the Taiwan Provincial Junior College of Nursing. In 1963, the college merged with the Taipei Senior Vocational School of Medicine, founded in 1947, to become a five-year junior college, the Taiwan Provincial Vocational School of Nursing and Midwifery. In 1981 the college became the National Taipei Nursing College and was reformed again to become the National Taipei College of Nursing in 1994. Finally, in August 2010, the Ministry of Education approved the school's new name, the "National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences," in recognition of the school's outstanding and continuing pedagogical achievements. The university has three colleges: the College of Nursing, the College of Health Technology, and the College of Human Development and Health, as well as the General Education Center. There are currently six departments, offering degree programs in Nursing (B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.), Health Care Administration and Management (B.S. and M.S.), Information Management (B.S. and M.S.), Infant and Child Care (B.S. and M.S.), Exercise and Health Science (B.S. and M.S.), and Life and Death Education and Counseling (B.S. and M.S.), (from 2014 after consolidation of the Life and Death Education and Counseling graduate institutes). The University also has six independent graduate institutes: Nurse-Midwifery, Health Allied Education, Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Nursing, Tourism and Health Science, Long-Term Care, and Speech and Hearing Disorders and Sciences; as well as international programs such as the International Nursing Master of Science Program and the International Nursing Midwifery Master Program. NTUNHS has nurtured many outstanding nursing, health care and management professionals over its more than half a century of history. These gratifying splendid achievements are epitome of the overall development of nursing vocational education in Taiwan.

The University has always shrined the ideal of active management and has become a model for health care education through years of hard work and carefully planned expansion. NTUNHS is a high quality academic institution cultivating professional health care personnel. The University also has a Performance Examination Center, which conducts practical trials, and the Health Care Industry-Academia Operation Center and incubation Center, which supports units involved in cooperative innovation ventures with outside industry. NTUNHS's continuous pursuit of excellence and rational approach to sustainable development ensures the optimal utilization of opportunities and the timely response to outside trends. The University is a high-quality vocational institute that is sure to become a focal point for health care knowledge and a training center for Taiwan's next generation of health care professionals. 

School introduction

National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS) is Taiwan's first institute of higher learning for nursing and health related studies. The University is not only a pioneer in the domain of nursing and health care but also the sole institution offering a doctoral nursing program among the vocational education system in Taiwan. 

Since 2001, NTUNHS has pursued global orientation and the cultivation of global healthcare service providers, setting five major objectives: (1) internationalization of educational programs, (2) internationalization of students’ professional licenses and competencies, (3) internationalization of the student body, (4) internationalization of students’ cultural backgrounds, and (5) internationalization of academic study. To achieve these objectives, NTUNHS has signed cooperation agreement with 47 advanced academic organizations in the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia, developing multiple cooperative models, including International Dual Bachelor’s Degree program in Nursing, International Dual Master’s Degree Program in Infant and Child Care, International Health Care Dual Bachelor Degree, International Nursing Master of Science Program, and International Nurse-Midwifery Master of Science Program. At the same time, NTUNHS has worked with more than 30 international academic and professional institutions to offer students diverse international professional training opportunities, including international professional programs, international practical training programs, exchange programs, international practical training programs such as international professional volunteer program, international professional certifications. Through the diverse training programs, NTUNH cultivates more than 400 students to acquire international professional training experiences or obtain professional licenses, and offers scholarship to 150 students to study abroad annually.

Furthermore, to facilitate cross-strait academic exchange, NTUNHS has cooperated with 15 top universities in China to promote teacher and student exchanges and recruit outstanding mainland China students to take degree programs, short-term programs and advanced clinical training. Through comprehensive international and cross-strait academic cooperation strategies, NTUNHS has played a leading role in the field of healthcare in Taiwan higher education. In sum, NTUNHS integrates diverse academic resources to develop students' advantage in the competitive healthcare talent market. 


NTUNHS English Mediated Instruction Programs

1. International Nursing Master of Sciences Program

The program aims to provide a path towards professional development for licensed registered nurses by concentrating on broadening students’ horizons of knowledge of international health and human illnesses as well as cultivating research capacity and leadership in nursing care. Students will earn a “Master of science (major in nursing)” degree from College of Nursing after two-year program is successfully completed.

2. International Nurse-Midwifery Master of Sciences Program

The program emphasizes woman- and family- oriented care for low-risk pregnant women prenatal care, labor and delivery management, postpartum care, well-woman gynecologic care, and primary health care to essentially normal, healthy women and to care for normal newborns. Students will earn a “Master of science (major in Nurse-Midwifery)” degree from College of Nursing after two-year program is successfully completed.

3. International Nursing PhD Program 

The program aims to provide competency-based courses connected to nursing practice as well as implement object methods for competence assessment, and nurture health care talents in nursing leadership, nursing education, and nursing research. Students will earn a “Doctor of Philosophy” degree from College of Nursing after completing program successfully.

Contact Information:

Ms. Yu-Chia Lo

Project Manager

International Nursing Master of Science Program

O): 886-2-2822-7101 #3306 (M): 886-975-276173

Email: [email protected]


4.International Montessori Master Degree Program

The program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree. Students take courses leading to American Montessori Society certification while simultaneously working on two semester degrees. Upon completion of the Montessori courses, they will need only 6 credits to complete the master’s program. The program plan contains concentration in Montessori methods and supportive coursework in other fields, research, and evaluation of young children.

Contact Information:


Dr. Hsiao Yun Chang, Associate Professor, Department of Infant and Child Care

National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

Email : [email protected]


    Ms. Michelle Lo, Project Manager of International and Cross-Strait Education

    Center, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

No 365, Ming-te Road, Peitou District 112-19, Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Tel: +886-2-2822-7101 ext.2732  

Email: [email protected]



Learning Production Process

English name Degree difference Area college UK teaching Spring start Spring end Fall start Fall end
International Nurse-Midwifery Master of Science Program Master Medicine and Public Welfare College of Nursing All in English 2017-01-01 2017-03-31
International Montessori Master Degree Program Master Education College of Human Development and Health All in English 2017-01-01 2017-03-31

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