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In the beginning of the twentieth century, having realized the call for their service in China which was then at war and in poverty, Mother Marie Gratia Luking (1885-1964) and five sisters from the American Sisters of Providence sailed from the United States to China to begin their tough work with only their faith and typewriters. In 1920, Mother Luking arrived in China for the first time and began her preaching and education career. In 1948, she went to Taiwan and established the Catholic English Supplementary School in the following year. In 1956, Providence Junior College for Women was officially established as the forerunner of the Providence University. In 1963, Providence Junior College for Women was promoted to become the Providence College of Arts and Sciences for Women for its excellent performance in running the school. It was the only women's college in Taiwan, and also the first evening college in central Taiwan. In 1987 autumn, Providence University was moved to the present address in Shalu Town, Providence University 200 Taiwan BLVD, Sec. 7 Taichung 43301, Taiwan. In 1989, it was promoted to the Providence Girl's University. In 1993, it was renamed as Providence University and began to recruit male students. The university was named Providence to commemorate the Sisters of Providence to which the founding sisters belonged; and its Chinese name Ching-yi is named after the Chinese name of Mother Luking. The University is comprised of six colleges: 1.) Foreign Languages and Literature, 2.) Humanities and Social Sciences, 3.) Sciences, 4.) Management, 5.) Computing and Informatics, 6) International College. Within the colleges there are twenty-three departments, nineteen graduate programs, two Ph.D. programs, and four EMBA programs. In addition, Providence has six centers: Foreign Language Center, Chinese Language Education Center, Center for Teacher Education, The Research & Development Center of Idea Generation in Reading & Writing, Service Learning Center and Center for General Education

School introduction

靜宜大學是一所天主教大學,由來自美國印第安那州的主顧修女會(Sisters of Providence)的六位修女所創辦。


天主教大學的教育特色在於強調「全人陶成」與「追求真理」(a Holistic Formation and the Search for Truth),培養學生完整的專業知識,同時協助學生瞭解自己人生的意義。





As prescribed by the school motto, Virtus cum Scientia and Virtue with Knowledge, Providence University values general education as well as professional training since established in 1956.

In accordance with the university objectives of "Holistic Formation and Professional Guidance", we aim to educate our students to realize the value of life with Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Ethics; to expand global vision and communication ability; to foster the desire of knowledge seeking and problem solving; and to possess specialized knowledge with proper use of technology. These core competencies illustrated above define student employability before graduation and are integrated into all courses offered.

In other words, Providence University consistently strives to foster students' abilities with a focus on long-term career development in specialized fields, which can also be transferred into different professional areas. In the recent years, the practice of service-learning has become the core value of the university to promote campus culture, emphasizing on teaching, research, humanity, morality, and services.


*Your best platform to acquire global mobility
--Ranked top1 in private school of Taiwan for outgoing mobility
--10% international student population
--The only member of ISEP(International Student Exchange Programs) in Taiwan:
Exchange program that you pay tuition, accommodation and fees to PU only
--International internahip opportunities in Dubai, Switzerland, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Mexico, Spain, US. and more.
--Double/ Triple degree programs in business around the world (US, Germany, France, Austria, Mexico)

*Your most freindly place to learn Chinese
--Chinese langage center established almost 30 years. 
--PU offers 0-9 level of Chinese courses.
--Teach simplified and traditional Chinese at the same time
Come with your eagerness to learn Chinese with us!
We've got experiend teachers and caring staffs.

*Your campus to strengthen your mind and body
--Top 10 library in Taiwan that houses 1.4 million collections
--Sports hall, gym and swimming pool to international standard
--Over 100 school clubs to expand your interest


Learning Production Process

English name Degree difference Area college UK teaching Spring start Spring end Fall start Fall end
International Business Administration Program Bachelor Social Science, Business and Law International College All in English 2017-02-01 2017-06-01
Graduate International Programs-Master of Business Administration Master Social Science, Business and Law、Science All in English 2015-11-11 2016-05-30

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