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School introduction

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Founded in 1991, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech) has become a university paradigm for other technological universities nationwide under the leadership of the former presidents and Dr. Hou Chun-kan.

YunTech is a flagship technological university with four colleges, the College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Design, and College of Humanities and Applied Sciences. These four colleges account for 20 undergraduate, 26 master’s and 12 doctoral programs. The student population is approximately 10,000, 65 percent of whom are undergraduates and 35 percent post-graduates. Among the distinguished faculty of the university, over 87 percent hold doctoral degrees and 95 percent have reached the position of assistant professor or above. More than 62 percent of the faculty has significant experience in industrial sectors and 50 percent received their doctoral degrees from renowned universities in Europe, the United States and elsewhere. 

School introduction

Situated in Douliu with a campus that spreads out over 58 hectares landscaped with trees, flowers and green lawns, YunTech is a model green university in Taiwan. The reuse rate of water has reached 70 percent, which is the highest nationwide. As a result of its efforts in reusing resources, YunTech was granted the “Energy Saving Award” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Beautiful scenery is found all over the campus. The Art Center periodically holds exhibitions of works created by on-campus artists.

The library totals 16,529 square meters and already has 2,220,000 volumes in its collection which include journals in Chinese and other languages, e-database and e-learning resources. It also includes online databases in all subject areas for technological universities nationwide. 

With 15 hectares of recreation space and providing complete facilities on campus, YunTech became the first technological university to hold the National Universiade Sport Games in 2006, and has hosted the games again in 2014.

In order to attract outstanding teachers and students from around the world, YunTech signed a memorandum of agreement with 211 foreign universities from 22 countries with which it operates university-to-university exchanges. Among these 185 universities, 16 are from Project 985, which are universities accredited by both national and local governments in Mainland China and another 75 have signed student exchange programs with YunTech. 

Through international exchanges and the recruitment of international students, YunTech has built a cooperation platform with universities in other countries. YunTech encourages its international students to connect their studies in their home country with studies in Taiwan by providing the undergraduate “2+2” (2 years of study in one’s home country and 2 years in YunTech) and master’s “1+1” (1 year of study in one’s home country and 1 year in YunTech) joint degree programs. 

As a flagship university in Taiwan, YunTech signed a memorandum of agreement with Vilnius Gedminas Technical University of Lithuania, one of the Baltic nations.

Since the 2012 Academic Year, Fujian University of Technology in Mainland China has recommended nearly 300 students to study at YunTech. The enrollment rate of international students accounts for 5% of the student population, making YunTech truly globalized. 

Outstanding Achievement:

  1. Outstanding Academic and Teaching Performances
  2. For the “Subsidy Directions for Developing Technological University Paradigms,” YunTech received funding valued at NT$11,000,000, the highest among all technological universities nationwide
  3. In the category of the 2013-2016 MOE Teaching Excellence Project, YunTech is delighted to be ranked the highest among all technological universities in Taiwan, receiving funding valued at NT$70,000,000 per year
  4. YunTech ranked 56th among the top 100 universities across the Taiwan Strait according to a survey released by Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  5. Granted awards for the performance on general education and ethics education among all technological universities in Taiwan 
  6. Won 5 awards at the category of design concept at the “Red Dot Design Concept 2013.” YunTech was ranked 7th among all Asian nations and was selected as one of the most innovative universities
  7. Won 2 awards at the iF product design awards 2013
  8. Won 2 gold and 1 silver awards at the 2013 IENA Nuremberg
  9. Won 5 gold and 3 silver medals at the International Warsaw Invention Show in 2013
  10. All the entries for the International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies were granted awards, including 5 gold and 5 silver awards 

Since its establishment, YunTech has built a solid foundation for academic and professional development. Through the university’s traditional core values, “Sincerity, Honor, Perseverance and Originality”, YunTech fosters students into professionals who have knowledge-management ability, are internationally competitive and place an equal emphasis on humanities and technology. In the future, YunTech seeks to keep promoting its role to be recognized worldwide and become a research/teaching-driven university focused on theory and practice and also on technology.


Through the university’s core values of “Sincerity, Honor, Perseverance and Originality”, YunTech fosters students into professionals who have knowledge-management ability, are internationally competitive and place an equal emphasis on humanities and technology. 

1. Teaching and Learning

Distinguished Professor: YunTech leads all universities nationwide in establishing the distinguished professor system to elect professors who show outstanding performance in academic-industrial-teaching fields.

YunTech offers a comprehensive selection of curricula that is outcome-based, focuses on effective PDCA management, and aims to hone students’ interdisciplinary skills in academics, leadership and public service. Furthermore, YunTech encourages students to have exchange programs and to be international volunteers to broaden their vision of the world.

YunTech encourages each department to be accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). It has become a successfully internationalized university with seven departments having earned professional accreditations. The College of Management will be accredited by the AACSB in 2014.

For the Student “1+4” Program, YunTech encourages students to take on the challenge of global competitiveness by obtaining professional certificates, enhancing their English proficiency level and information technology competence, as well as increasing experience in extracurricular activities. 

As part of YunTech’s curriculum, volunteer work and life education have become an indispensable aspect of student development. 

YunTech students are encouraged to participate in at least one international competition before they graduate. In 2013, YunTech students won 29 gold medals, 38 silver, 18 bronze and 4 special awards at various national and international competitions, showcasing their world-class competitiveness. For the MOE Teaching Excellence Project, YunTech received the highest funding among all technological universities nationwide.

2. Cooperation with Industries

Nearly 70 percent of the faculty work or do research in industrial sectors. Due to their great efforts, YunTech ranks first in industry-academia cooperation among all universities in Taiwan. The average annual funding received for industry-academia collaboration is approximately NT$2,000,000 per teacher, the highest nationwide. 

Teacher “3+1” Program: YunTech encourages teachers to work or do research in the industrial sector after their third year of teaching on campus so as to improve their practicum and help upgrade industry.

Regional Services: The R&D centers offer services to other universities in Central Taiwan. These centers include the Center for Regional Industry-Academia Collaboration, Teaching/Learning Resource Center for Vocational Education Institutes in Central Taiwan, English Teaching/Learning Resource Center for Technological Universities and Colleges in Central Taiwan as well as the Coordinating Center for Student Affairs and Student Counseling for Universities in Central Taiwan.

Government-University-Industry Alliances: YunTech has built government-university-industry strategic alliances by actively visiting industrial sectors and conducting exchange activities. As a result of these efforts, Maxxis Academics was established. Cooperating with this top ten tire brand, YunTech integrates vocational education and college courses so as to foster on-the-job training. 

Academic and Technical Cooperation: There are 30 research centers and industrial-academic cooperation groups affiliated with YunTech. The research centers develop and conduct research projects while industrial-academic cooperation groups provide services to industry related to logistics management, product design and personnel training.

Inter-disciplinary Cooperation: four academic-industrial centers on industrial development have been established. These are the Great Center, Smart Life and Automatic Center, Center of Bike and Health Leisure Industry and The Development Center of Cultural and Creative Industries. With these centers, YunTech is becoming a paradigm for university-industry cooperation. 


Learning Production Process

English name Degree difference Area college UK teaching Spring start Spring end Fall start Fall end
Construction Engineering, Construction and Property Management Master, Doctor Engineering and Construction All in English 2018-03-01 2018-05-16
International Business Administration Master Social Science, Business and Law All in English 2018-03-01 2018-05-16
Applied Foreign Languages Master Humanity and Art All in English 2018-03-01 2018-05-16
Technological and Vocational Education Master, Doctor Education Program with enough English courses to satisfy graduation requirements 2018-03-01 2018-05-16
Design Master, Doctor Humanity and Art Program with enough English courses to satisfy graduation requirements 2018-03-01 2018-05-16
Finance Master, Doctor Social Science, Business and Law Program with enough English courses to satisfy graduation requirements 2018-03-01 2018-05-16
Industrial Engineering and Management Doctor Engineering and Construction Yeh All in English 2018-03-01 2018-05-16

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