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First Tech – First Choice among Technological Universities in Taiwan


First Tech, founded as National Institute of Technology of Kaohsiung in 1995 and formally renamed National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology in 1998, is the first technological university established in southern Taiwan. In 2010, further to its outstanding achievements as an institute of higher learning, First Tech promoted the concept of Entrepreneurial University. The aim is to cultivate students’ innovative spirit and develop entrepreneurial qualities characterized by passion, commitment, and sharing. The University hopes to nurture students’ competitiveness in employment as well as to develop valuable human resources for the economy.

School introduction

Moving Forward to an Entrepreneurial University

First Tech has promoted the concept of Entrepreneurial University since 2010 and has been implementing various talents development programs. The First Tech Angel Fund is the first on-campus fund in southern Taiwan to encourage business startups among faculty and students. The First Tech Innovation Lab serves to nurture entrepreneurship on campus. First Tech further forged a Cross-strait Innovation and Entrepreneurial University Alliance with 9 universities in Taiwan and China, including National Taipei University of Technology, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, and University of Science and Technology Beijing. The alliance aims to establish a model for entrepreneurial university in Asia.

  • Received teaching excellence project grants from Ministry of Education of Republic of China for 11 consecutive years.
  • Selected as one of the 12 Paradigm Universities of Science and Technology by the Ministry of Education and received MOE subsidies.
  • Ranked among top 100 in the Ranking of Top World Universities in Greater China in 2013, which is the only among other universities in southern Taiwan.
  • 96% of full-time faculty members hold doctoral degrees, which is ranked top 5 among cross-straits universities and top 1 among universities of science & technology nationwide.
  • First Tech offers bachelor, master and Ph.D. programs for students to pursue academic studies. The University also actively encourages students to acquire professional certificates.
  • First Tech establishes partnership with 144universities from 14 countries (including U.S., UK, Japan, Russia, Germany and Austria) to carry out faculty/student exchange program or dual-degree programs.

Learning Production Process

English name Degree difference Area college UK teaching Spring start Spring end Fall start Fall end
International Master of Business Administration Master Social Science, Business and Law College of Management All in English 2016-11-01 2016-11-30 2016-01-01 2016-04-30
Ph.D. Program in Engineering Science and Technology Doctor Engineering and Construction College of Engineering All in English 2016-11-01 2016-11-30 2016-01-01 2016-04-30

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