National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism

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School introduction


 推動全人教育 培育餐旅優質人才

 融合理論實務 提升學生競爭能力

 強化產學合作 開創餐旅研發平台

 落實終身學習 增進從業人員素質

 拓展國際交流 立足台灣放眼世界

  • Promote holistic education to cultivate talents for hospitality and tourism industries.
  • Integrate theory with practice to increase students' competitiveness.
  • Strengthen the cooperation between industry and academy to create a platform for hospitality research and development.
  • Implement the lifelong learning to improve the quality of hospitality and tourism employees.
  • Develop international communication to promote globalization. 


  1. NKUHT is unique in its fostering of elites in the hospitality industry in Taiwan.
  2. It has professional faculty, practical programs, advanced facilities and a humane, artistic campus culture.
  3. It is green and flowering all year-round, resulting in a campus with a rich aesthetic atmosphere.
  4. For foreign language teaching, students are divided into small classes of different levels so as to improve their foreign language internet service.
  5. It provides students with a great on-campus intranet and allows them ready access to wide selection of information and resources.
  6. Students'  participation in campus community service encourages responsibility and diligence.
  7. All freshmen live on campus so as to learn the virtues of mutual respect and tolerance.
  8. The two-year programs for associate degree are service-oriented while the programs for bachelor degree emphasize management knowledge, skill and administration.
  9. Overseas graduation tours give students an international experience and expand their world view.
  10. It promotes close and successful cooperation with industries. It emphasizes that teaching and administration fit the trend of globalization.

Learning Production Process

English name Degree difference Area college UK teaching Spring start Spring end Fall start Fall end
International Bachelor Program in Tourism Management Bachelor Others International School All in English 2017-01-01 2017-04-03
International Bachelor Program in Chinese Culinary Arts Bachelor Others International School All in English 2017-01-01 2017-04-03
Graduate Institue of Tourism Management Master, Doctor Others School of Tourism Program with enough English courses to satisfy graduation requirements 2017-01-01 2017-04-03

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