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In response to the government’s development vision of educational philosophy, Mr. Chen Xian and Mr. Chen Acai, the founders of Toko University, chose Chiayi County as the location to build this beautiful main campus. In 2001, Toko University opened its doors after years of planning and building.

Toko University is located in Pu-tzu City of Chia- Yi County in the southern Taiwan. The University has convenient location with full of beautiful sceneries and has distinctive Spanish Style campus buildings. Toko University is an ideal place to learn new skills and to develop one’s mind. The University commits to the success of its students by providing a solid educational foundation especially in terms of technology, knowledge, creation, and honor. The two co-founders of Toko University seek the spike of rice as the symbol of education and learning at the University where students can receive quality educational training in taking part of the nation’s construction and growth. “The taller the rice plant grows, the lower it bends,” is the metaphor of being humble and modest in learning and pursuit of excellence of the school. In 2008, Toko University is accredited by the Taiwan Ministry of Education and became the first practical and teaching university of its kinds in Taiwan. The university promotes long-distance learning, leads faculty growth to professionals, optimizes the quality of instruction, and improves students' employability and competitiveness.

Over the years, the responsibilities of a university president have expanded dramatically. Dr. Shih Kuang-Hsun became Toko University's fifth president in August 2012.The president of Toko University remains focused on and rooted in academics, but the job entails much more.

School introduction

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English name Degree difference Area college UK teaching Spring start Spring end Fall start Fall end
Program of International Master of Business Administration Master Social Science, Business and Law College of Economy and Management Program with enough English courses to satisfy graduation requirements 2016-02-15 2016-04-15

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