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National Pingtung University (NPTU) is located in Pingtung County, which is seated in the southernmost of Taiwan. With a population of near to 900,000, Pingtung is a bustling marketing and industrial center. Pingtung County is one of Taiwan's major zones of agricultural production, yielding rice and other crops delighted throughout the island. Pingtung has a justified reputation as a lush and prosperous region.

NPTU, a newly merged university since August 1, 2014, inherits the rich teaching and research potentials in the fields of technological and vocational education, comprehensive higher education, and normal education from National Pingtung University of Education (NPUE) and National Pingtung Institute of Commerce (NPIC). NPTU commits itself to building up a university of excellence in teaching and specialization in research, which responds to the trends in modern higher education. NPTU has 5 Colleges which are Education, Sciences, Liberal Arts and Social Science, Management, and Computer Science. With inherited excellent capacities from NPUE and NPIC era, this new university is regarded as a great place for developing professional talents to meet the demands of the industry and country, based on the outstanding professional performances of its previous alumni of both NPUE and NPIC.


School introduction

NPTU has 4 campus, namely the Minsheng campus, the Pingshang campus, the Linsen campus, and the Checheng campus. The administrative center is located in the city center where traffic and transportation is convenient and is close to every departments; this area has a great potential for future development.

The Minsheng Campus possesses the latest multi-administrative building, which is consisted of the administration and the library. The 14-story multi-administrative building is prosperously designed and multi-functional. College of Management and Library branch on Pingshang Campus. The Linsen Campus is the home of departments in College of Science and departments of Music and Visual Arts.  Our indoor swimming pool and student activity center are also seated here. All three NPTU campuses have beautiful park areas, athletic facilities, dormitories, and classrooms. The Checheng campus which is located nearby Kenting, is designed to house the leisure management related departments.

There are 5 academic / teaching colleges in the university as follows:

- College of Management
- College of Computer Sciences
- College of Education
- College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
- College of Computer Science

Besides, some administrative departments are also incorporated in NPTU.


The educational philosophy of NPTU strongly emphasizes on the balanced development of humanistic qualities, professional knowledge, and practical experiences of our students. To accomplish the goal, diverse leading-edge professional courses and holistic education are designed to cultivate students’ professional skills and humanistic qualities. What is more, faculty members are required to seeking resources for research and development from governments and private sectors. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to participate in the academia-industry cooperative projects and earn practical experiences before they graduate. NPTU is convinced that our students will be able to develop great characters of professionalism, humanistic qualities, innovative creativities, responsibilities, and empathy for others, and so on to stand out amongst their peers through the above-mentioned educational measures.


Learning Production Process

English name Degree difference Area college UK teaching Spring start Spring end Fall start Fall end
Department of English Bachelor, Master Humanity and Art College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences All in English 2017-08-16 2017-11-30 2017-03-01 2017-06-15

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