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School introduction

  Shih Chien University has roots that go back to the founding of Shih Chien College of Home Economics in 1958. Over the years, the institution evolved from a junior college to a bachelor’s degree granting institution and was renamed Shih Chien College of Design and Management in 1991. In 1997, the institution was promoted to university status. Today, the University is made up of 2 campuses and 5 colleges and is home to approximately 15,000 students and 700 faculty and staff. It is a learning community with friendly atmosphere and artistic environment.
  Shih Chien University has two campuses: the Taipei Campus and the Kaohsiung Campus. The Taipei Campus, located in the northern part of Taiwan, is 4.5 hectares and has approximately 10,000 students and 475 faculty and staff. The Kaohsiung Campus, located in the southern part of Taiwan, is situated on 45 hectares of land and has more than 5,000 students and about 200 faculty and staff. Currently, The university has 397 full-time academic staff (including Teaching and Research staff) and approximately 60% of these are holders of doctoral degrees. There are 8,556 students including 8,135 undergraduates and 421 postgraduates.


1. Founded in1958 by the first Vice-President of Taiwan (R.O.C)

2. 2 Campuses, 5 Colleges, 33 Departments, 13 Graduate Institutes and 1 Doctoral Program with 16,000 students (Around 1,100 foreign students)

3. College of Design

-Ranked 2nd Most Awarded University in Asia Pacific Area (by Red Dot)

-The 30 Best Design School in the World (by

-The 9th Best School holds International Program in Taiwan (by Global Views Magazine)

-The Top 30 World's Best Design Program (by Business Week)

4. College of Management/College of Business and Information 

-Academia- industrial Internship for Senior Students

-100% English-taught Program in International Business (Bachelor and Master) 

5. College of Human Ecology/College of Culture and Creativity

-Ranked 2nd university in Taiwan in Tourism, Catering and Leisure (by Global Views Magazine)


Learning Production Process

English name Degree difference Area college UK teaching Spring start Spring end Fall start Fall end
English Taught Program in International Business Bachelor, Master Social Science, Business and Law College of Management All in English 2018-02-22 2018-06-06

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